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What Will Keep Mice Away?

Have a problem with mice? It’s awful and an increasingly growing problem. When you have mice in the home, they can make you feel unclean and as though you can never feel comfortable again. However, you need to get on top of the problem before it gets out-of-hand because it could turn into an infestation. So, can you get rid of mice without spending a fortune, and if so, what will keep mice away? Here are a few top tips to rid your home of mice.

keep mice away - What Will Keep Mice Away?

De-Clutter the Home

First and foremost, you have to understand mice are attracted to clutter and messy homes. Mice love dirt, debris and everything they can use to create a warm nest and when a property is over cluttered and messy, it’s the perfect condition for them. Your property must be kept clean to keep the mice away.

  • Keep Basements And Attics Clean And Clear Of Rubbish And Clutter.
  • Remove Furniture Not Needed And Move To A Safe And Secure Storage Unit.
  • Keep Boxes Sealed And Look For Signs And Tamper-Proof Them.
  • Ensure Your Garage Is Clean Too.

What will keep mice away? Well, one of the most important factors of ridding the home of mice is cleanliness. Of course, mice love clean homes too, but the point is not giving them the tools to build a nest. If you have old books, papers and everything else scattered around the home, it gives the mice the option to stay and create a home for themselves. You have to ensure they don’t have the ability to do so and make it harder for them also. It’s essential to take every precaution to ensure mice don’t have an open invitation into the property.

Essential Oils and Mint

Did you know essential oils are quite powerful? When you smell essential oils such as lavender and peppermint, you instantly get a strong odor that’s refreshing. For mice, they can be irritated by the scents and may look to avoid them if possible. Peppermint oil is supposed to be fantastic to deter and repel mice, but mint can also be a useful tool. These are strong odors and as such, they are potent on a major level.

Ultrasonic Devices

Not sure what an ultrasonic device does? Well, like peppermint oil, mice instantly are alerted to the device. The ultrasonic devices can let a high pitched frequency out, but, it’s only auditable by mice and rodents. That means the mice will be less likely to return. However, the effectiveness of the devices can vary considerably depending on the scale of the problem and how used to the noise the mice are. If you have a lone mouse and they haven’t been used to these devices, then it might scare them away. Again, it could be used with peppermint oil and you could even grow peppermint plants outside the home to repel the mice further.

Say No to Rodents

What will keep mice away? There are lots of things which could help keep mice away, but how effective will they be? It’ll come down to the scale of the problem and whether the mice have settled into the home for several months or just recently. Infestations are on another scale and must be dealt with by a professional to a degree; also, you need to look at your home and how secure it is against rodents. If you need to, take action and make the home secure against mice and other such creatures.

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