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What Will Keep Mice Away – Methods to Stop Mice Coming To Your Home

Homeowners always need to look into pest control. Pests such as mice and rats are going to get into the home at one time or another and it’s a major issue to deal with. You might think a few mice are easy enough to get rid of and that it’s not such a big issue, but just wait until you’re trying to tackle them and then it’ll be a different story! What you mightn’t know is that rats and mice look for places that are warm to live in, and that of course, means your home is the ideal place. However, getting the mice out is going to be arduous. So, what will keep mice away from your door?

Crushed Pepper

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Peppers are potent. Pepper can be crushed and used as a tool to combat mice coming to your house. One option would be to crush the peppers and sprinkle them throughout the home or in areas where the mice are likely to enter. Also, if you’ve had a previous mouse problem, it could be wise to sprinkle more where the old nest was located. You could create a pepper spray and use throughout the property; and here are a few suggestions for you to use the spray:

  • The Garage
  • Any Outbuildings Or Fencing Surrounding The Home
  • Trash Bins
  • Basements
  • Attics

Covering your bases is an essential part of the process. If you don’t protect the areas the mice are most likely to get in from, then it’ll be almost impossible to keep the mice away from the interior of the property.

Cat Litter

cat litter 300x254 - What Will Keep Mice Away – Methods to Stop Mice Coming To Your Home

What will keep mice away? Whether you have a cat or otherwise, cat litter might be something to look into. Now, cat litter gives off a cat urine smell and that will detract the mice from the home as they believe a cat’s running around. More often than not, a mouse won’t run the risk of going into a property when there’s a cat, so cat litter can be a deterrent. This could be sprinkled in areas outside the property such as near bushes, shrubbery, fencing, and other such areas.

Get a Cat

If you’re a cat lover, there is nothing simpler than having a cat to keep the mice away. Okay, so this won’t be an option that suits everyone, but cats are wonderful deterrents for mice. While it’s not something you want to try, it’s still an option available. If you have a cat, hopefully, they will be able to keep any mouse at bay!

Don’t Like Mice Ruin Your Home

What will keep mice away? There are lots of simple things that will keep the mice away and the best thing of all is that they’re not overly costly or difficult to try. Mice can bring about a nasty infestation and it’s something you want to avoid because they can ruin a home. Infestations can get out of control quickly and when that happens, they can cause you to lose everything. However, if you can do something to prevent this from happening, you can save your home. Find a way to keep the mice away and keep your home in the best shape possible. You learn how to make homemade remedies to keep mice away. Click here for more information

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