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Use Scents That Deter Mice and Protect Your Home against Pests

Do you want to lose your home to a mouse? Mice problems start as a minor issue, but they soon turn into a nasty problem and that’s when the real trouble begins. Protecting your home is a necessity and you cannot allow it to be taken over by a horrible infestation. You could use scents that deter mice and there are lots of options to consider also. However, scents alone might not be enough to deter the mice fully; you might also need to reduce the temptation for the mice to come to your home also.

scents deter mice - Use Scents That Deter Mice and Protect Your Home against Pests

What Scents Deter Mice from a Home?

  • Ammonia
  • Vinegar
  • Dog Urine
  • Natural Repellents
  • Fabric Sheets Softener

Scents can be a powerful tool to keep a mouse away from the home. Why is that? They don’t like the smell or odors from things such as ammonia, urine, and even fabric softener sheets, and will avoid the area. That’s why you have to use strong scents and odors that deter them. However, you also need to look at other things to help ease the problem.

Seal Holes in the Home

Every property has cracks and holes hidden away and they are often the green light for mice to enter. What you need to do is repair these things. You must seal any holes you can find, even if it’s relatively small because mice can chew or gnaw through them to create a bigger opening. However, by sealing up the holes along with using scents that deter mice, it may help solve the problem.

Remove Their Water Supply

Mice want shelter; they want food and water, and if you offer even one of these things, they will stay. When you have a cat or a dog, you usually keep a bowl out with food or water, but that’s a temptation for a mouse. Essentially you can’t have these things out, because it allows the rodent to come into the home. You’re giving them a water source and that’s all they need to remain there, so removing one source might be enough to deter them from coming back to the home.

Mask Previous Rodent Trails

If you have had issues with mice in the past you have to get rid of whatever scent trail they’ve left behind. Detergents can be used to scrub away the scent trail of the rodent, and that’s a useful way to keep others out. Removing the scent of the mouse is a necessity, and while it might seem a bit extreme, it’s a useful way to keep the home safe from mice. You could even use scents that repel mice to help mask previous trails also.

Take Care of Your Home

Scents are a necessity to repel mice, but of course, you may also need to use other things such as ultrasonic devices to fully repel rodents. Do you want to run the risk of getting an infestation in your house? Of course, you believe your home’s never going to be affected by mice, but, you never know what’s around the corner. Take care of your home and prevent any mice from getting in.

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