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Use Peppermint Oil to Get Rid Of Mice and Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh and Appealing

Rats and mice are one of the worst pests to enter your home, and while you might think your home is safe, think again. Rodents don’t always target dirty, unkempt homes, they target places they have easy access to and where they’ll find food and shelter. Any home is essentially at risk of mice and that’s why you have to take a proactive approach. However, if rodents are already an issue in your home, you may want to consider peppermint oil to get rid of mice. So, can it help keep your home smelling fresh and if so, how to use it?

Use a Mix of Essential Oils and Peppermint Oil

peppermint oil use - Use Peppermint Oil to Get Rid Of Mice and Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh and Appealing

What you have to understand is that mice are sometimes very determined and if they want to get inside a home, they will one way or another! Using peppermint oil may help deter the mice from entering the home, but, that alone might not be enough. For some homes, rats and mice are tempted and it means they aren’t so easily deterred. However, in those situations, you may want to use a mixture of essential oils as well as the peppermint throughout the home. The extra scents will confuse and irritate the mice and may keep them away from your property a little longer.

Of course, if a rodent has been previously in the home, they’ve left a trail of pheromones and those have to be masked to stop others entering. Being generous with the oil could be an advantage for future problems.

Spraying In Wider Areas

Do you know how the mice are getting in? Have you plugged every available source in the property? If you’ve been vigilant and filled any holes within the property, but mice are still an issue, you might need to relocate the cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil.

Why is that? Well, the mice are finding another route into the home and it means you have to cover that area as well. You may want to take a different approach to deter the mice by spraying the oil in a wider area. For example, to use peppermint oil to get rid of mice, why not dilute the oil with some water and spray from your basement to your porch. This is particularly useful if you’re unsure how the mice keep getting in or are avoiding the peppermint in the first place. Click here to find different products of peppermint oils.

Tricks for Keeping Mice Out Of Your Home

  • Replenish The Peppermint Oil Every Few Weeks
  • If Peppermint Oil Soaked Balls Don’t Work, Spray Instead
  • Ensure Any Holes Within The Property Are Filled Correctly
  • Always Spray Around Doorways And Windows
  • Buy A Cat!

Okay, so people won’t always want to buy a cat to keep the mice away, and in truth, it isn’t needed. In most cases, smaller properties are easier to keep mice-free as there are limited entrance points for them to get in and it’s easier to patrol. Using peppermint oil to get rid of mice might work for those types of properties. However, with larger properties, especially ones that stretch over acres of land, it’s tougher. With larger properties, you have to look at a mixture of deterrents to stop an infestation from occurring. Hopefully, the above tricks will help somewhat.

using peppermint oil - Use Peppermint Oil to Get Rid Of Mice and Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh and Appealing

Keep the Home Fresh and Clean

Mice don’t have a place in the home, and while one little mouse might appear harmless it brings another set of problems. Remember, mice give off pheromones and those can show other mice the way into the home, which is something you want to stop. Using a humane way to deal with troublesome mice and rats can be so important, and there are lots of options to consider. Peppermint oil can be a useful solution to look into and you never know how well it can work until you try it. More exciting post at

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