Peppermint Spray for Mice – What You Need to Use before Using

peppermint vs mice - Peppermint Spray for Mice – What You Need to Use before Using

Like the notion of buying peppermint spray for mice? You certainly aren’t the only household looking at deterring mice from their property. It’s a major problem affecting millions of homes every year. The worst part for some is it’s caused by overflowing rubbish on the streets or from next door, and not down to something they’ve personally done. There are several reasons why mice and rats choose your home and it’s time to look at peppermint spray to help fight the problem.

How to Use Peppermint Spray

Firstly, ensure the spray is suitable to use as a mouse repellent. Now, some peppermint sprays might not be as effective as sprays specifically aimed at repelling mice. Some products may have smaller peppermint levels, so you have to look at how much pure peppermint oil there is contained in the spray. Also, you want 100% pure natural peppermint oil. You also want to use a sufficient amount and cover all areas which mice have access to, even basements. Basements are neglected and that’s so often the access point.

Where to Use the Spray?

Peppermint spray for mice could be used in a variety of locations throughout the property, although, it’s best used in areas which mice frequent more often. For example, if the access point of the mouse into the home is the basement or crawl spaces, these areas must be tackled well to close those routes down. Weak points within the home can also be targeted, especially if you’ve had a mouse problem in the past. Doorways and windows could be treated with the peppermint spray, along with basements and crawlspaces.

The Benefits of Using Peppermint Spray to Deter Mice

1. A Natural Repellent

Having a natural way to repel mice is essential. No-one wants to use chemicals in their homes, but they don’t want mice running around either. Conventional traps don’t work for all homes either, which is why peppermint spray for mice is so popular. It’s an all-natural way to stop mice and rodents from becoming a pest in the home and doesn’t harm the animal either.

2. Is Humane

Do you like the idea of having to kill and dispose of a mouse? In all honesty, most people don’t like the idea of catching and killing a mouse and that’s why more turn to peppermint spray. It’s suitable for mice and is a more humane way to deal with the situation.

3. Can Be Used Throughout The Home

It’s a plus point being able to use the spray throughout the home. Why is that? Well, some homes don’t get rat or mice problems just downstairs, and being able to use the peppermint spray anywhere can be a real advantage to them.

4. Helps Mask The Scent Of Previous Rodents

Mice can smell other rodents and if one has been in your home recently, it has probably left behind its scent. Ideally, you want to mask the scent so other rodents won’t be attracted to it. A lot of people don’t realize how crucial it can be to hide or mask the scent or rats and mice to stop others from running to your door.

Keep Mice out Your Home

A friendly little mouse doesn’t seem so problematic at first, but just wait until they invite their friends over! You’ll have an infestation as soon as you blink and it’ll be impossible to contain it. That is why you have to take action – and fast – so you avoid this problem. Why not use peppermint spray to keep the mice out of your home?