Peppermint 100% Pure Essential Oil – 32oz

Do you have a mouse problem at home? Unfortunately, it’s a far common problem than you think and millions of homes are plagued with mice every year. The trouble is that homeowners aren’t being cautious enough and they aren’t proactive in terms of keeping the mice out. However, you can do everything right and still a mouse gets in, but, that is when you have to be on your toes because the quicker you act, the quicker you get the mice out. What about peppermint 100% pure essential oil, have you thought about trying that? If not, why?! You could kick those pesky mice to the curb.

peppermintgallon - Peppermint 100% Pure Essential Oil - 32oz

The Advantages of Using Peppermint 100% Pure Essential Oil

  • It’s Undiluted
  • Pure Peppermint
  • Fully Natural
  • Can Be Used Throughout The Home
  • Repels Mice

100% pure peppermint oil is fantastic! You are going to find there is nothing stronger than this because it’s pure and natural which is ideal to say the least. You really have a useful tool and the best thing of all is that it’s simple enough to use in and around the home. If you wanted to, you could use this outside the home, in the garden, especially around shrubbery and sheds and outbuildings.

How to Use the Oil to Repel Mice

There are several ways to repel mice. Firstly, you could use a spray and that can be easier for those who have small children and pets. Why is that? Soaking cotton balls and placing them throughout the home could be tempting for children to pick up, so it might be best to stick with a spray for the time being. If you’ve found signs of mice in the kitchen, you could spray around the doorways leading into the rest of the home, as well as all other entrance points. However, if it’s one mouse and it’s been inside your cupboards use one drop of pure peppermint oil on a cotton ball and place it in the cabinet drawer. Hopefully, it’ll keep the mice out. Use the oil around garbage bins, especially the outside bins.

Use a Generous Amount of Oil for Bigger Problems

Peppermint 100% pure essential oil can be useful for any home, but of course, a lot of homeowners don’t believe they have a problem. One mouse is easy to deal with, but when there are several or even worse, an infestation, you’ve got a major problem – and one mouse isn’t always easy to deal with either. You might want to consider using several drops of peppermint in a water solution (possibly mixing with other essential oils) and spraying the entire home from top to bottom.

You can drive the mice from various parts of the home, but try to avoid spraying the entranceways leading to the outside of the home until you’re sure most, if not all of the mice are gone. Why is that? The mice run away from the scent of peppermint and if you have the door sprayed with it, it might mean they don’t want to go. You don’t want to just move the mice from one part of the home to another you want to drive them out completely. Spray everywhere you can think of.

Keep Your Home Safe

Mice need to be dealt with. You can’t let mice take over your home because they won’t get bored and leave on their own accord. You have to take control of the situation and get them out! Do what you can and ensure your home is safe at all times. Mice aren’t the best rodents to have in the home, especially with young children, so get the problem sorted quickly.