Natural Rat Repellent – Tips To Make Your Home Rat-Free

natural rat repel - Natural Rat Repellent – Tips To Make Your Home Rat-Free

Rodents are stressful to deal with. When you know rats are living in your home it makes your skin crawl and the thought of going to sleep knowing they’re running around gives you nightmares! You don’t want to deal with the situation, but unfortunately, if a rat is living in your home, it’s not going to leave by choice. You have to force a rat to leave! You must be proactive and smart about how you go about making your home rat-free. A natural rat repellent might be the best way to go so that you get rid of your rodent problem and prevent future problems as well.

Why Opt For Natural Repellents?

  • It’s Humane
  • It’s Cost-Effective
  • The Results Can Be Long-Term
  • Natural Repellents Are Easy To Handle Personally

A lot of people aren’t entirely convinced about natural repellents, especially when it comes to mice and rats; however, natural repellents are sometimes the most effective and least harmful solutions. For instance, if you use a repellent that is laced with chemicals or harmful toxins, it may very well get rid of the rats, but what about the family pet? What about you and your family? If a product isn’t 100% natural, it usually means there are chemicals within it and that means exposing your family to the dangers of allergic reactions and side effects. You never know what those could be, so it can be easier to opt for a natural rat repellent.

Plant Peppermint Plants Outside

If you have a large property, you may want to consider peppermint plants. Planting several of these around the home can be a useful way to deter mice and rats before they’ve even stepped a paw inside. However, even if you don’t have room for dozens of peppermint plants, you could always have one just outside your door in the garden. It can still be effective and it might help keep other pests away too. If you wanted to, you could use the peppermint plants inside the kitchen.

Spray Peppermint Oil and Other Essential Oils

Essential oils such as peppermint can be ideal for those dealing with rats. A lot of the time, rats dislike the scent of essential oils as they’re strong and very potent. Spraying peppermint oil, along with other essential oils around the home (or in areas that rats are likely to enter) can be a useful way to deter and repel rats. However, if this route is the one you’re taking, ensure the oil is 100% and suitable for repelling rats and mice. There is a big difference between oil which is 25% or 50% and 100% pure. You could even create a natural repellent using crushed mothballs, water and detergent and spray.

Repel Pesky Rats

Rodents must be dealt with. However, you want a method which is the least harmful to the rats and has the least impact on the environment. That leaves the door open for a natural rat repellent. Natural repellents are fantastic and a lot less expensive than you might believe. What is more, it’s also effective and a less harmful way to deal with the problem at hand.