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Natural Mouse Repellent – Top Tips to Keep Mice Away

Mice are very much like humans, they want shelter, food, and water and they look for it in the safest place possible. Unfortunately, your home is often able to provide those three things to a mouse and that essentially means your home is at risk of having an infestation. Pests like mice can leave homeowners pulling their hair out and it’s understandable because once the mice have settled in, it’s tough to get rid of them. However, it might be time to look at a natural mouse repellent to keep unwanted pests away from your property.

Essential Oils

peppermint oil snopes 300x213 - Natural Mouse Repellent – Top Tips to Keep Mice Away

Essential oils are some of the simplest repellents homeowners can use today. They are totally natural and it means they can be easily obtained and used. One great essential oil to consider using is peppermint. Peppermint is quite potent so mice can smell it fairly quickly and more often than not, they don’t quite like the smell of it and that’s a useful way to keep the mice away. What you need to do is soak cotton balls into the essential oils, such as peppermint or eucalyptus, and leave them to dry. Once the cotton balls are dry, place them in sachet covers and spread throughout the area’s you’re most likely to have mice such as your garage, basement, and kitchen.


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Repelling a mouse takes a lot of hard work because they’re used to a lot of awful smells in sewers and you need something that’s going to overpower everything. Ammonia can be strong and mice hate it! You could use this as a repellent by dipping bottle caps into the ammonia solution and scatter them throughout the areas the mice have been seen in. When the mice return they won’t want to come back to the area because they don’t like the scent there. Sometimes, mice will know which areas are off-limits just by the scent surrounding them.

Predator Scents

catscent 300x300 - Natural Mouse Repellent – Top Tips to Keep Mice Away

Cat or fox urine can be a wonderful and natural mouse repellent. Predator scents are potent and mice and rats can smell them from a long way away! Once a mouse detects the odor of cat or fox urine it believes there is a deadly predator and will avoid at all costs. However, this is only a suitable option for outdoor use and for those who don’t mind the smell of urine! The use of cat or fix urine might be more suited for gardens and lawns and to be used near garages and other outbuildings. However, it could be strong enough to keep the mice away from the actual property anyway so that’s a bonus.

Quick Tips for Long-Term Success

  • Keep Food Sealed
  • Always Find The Source Of Entry
  • Act Fast To Prevent An Infestation

A natural mouse repellent needs to be effective so that you have long-term success. However, repellents have various levels of success depending on how bad the mouse problem is within your home. If there is an infestation you’re going to need a lot of muscle to remove them and sometimes a natural repellent isn’t enough. When the home has one minor issue with mice then a decent repellent should be sufficient, but again, it depends on the scale of the problem. For example, one household might find essential oils do the trick, whereas their next-door neighbor finds only their cat forces the mice out. The truth is that every house is different so you have to find a solution that works for your requirements.

Repel Pesky Mice

You don’t want a mouse running around, whether you live by yourself in a small apartment or have a large family dwelling! Dealing with the problem fairly quickly can prevent a minor pest control problem from turning into a large-scale infestation and that’s why a good repellent is needed. Natural repellents are excellent and often cheaper than some other deterrents. Find what works for your home and get the troublesome mice out! More tips on how to repel mice fast and effective at

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