Mice Don’t Like Peppermint – Use It To Your Advantage!

Rodents have a hundred and one reasons to visit your home and while you try to keep it as clean and humanly possible, it might not be enough. Remember, rats and mice want somewhere they can build a nest, so somewhere dry and preferably close to a food source – your home is the perfect location. Mice are everywhere and your home might be next on the list of where they’ll pop up next! However, did you know mice don’t like peppermint? If not, maybe it’s time you used it to your advantage?!

mice hate mint - Mice Don't Like Peppermint – Use It To Your Advantage!

Scatter Peppermint around the Property – Inside and Out!

Peppermint is a potent herb and can come in a variety of forms, even oil, and that can be crucial when it comes to keeping your home free from rodents. So, first things first, you want to make sure the home is protected so spray the oil in the areas in which mice have been seen in. If there have been droppings in the basement, that needs to be sprayed; if there have been signs of them in the kitchen, it needs to be treated. Also, the outside of the home need to be treated as well and while it mightn’t be easy to spray peppermint around, why not use peppermint plants instead?

What Happens If There Are Mice Already In The Home?

  • The Oil Mightn’t Be Enough To Repel The Mice
  • The Mice Can Move To Areas Not Treated With Peppermint
  • Humane Traps Might Also Be Required

Mice don’t like peppermint and that can be a simple way to deal with some of the mice problems you’re having. However, when they’re already in the home, you’re going to have to change your tactics somewhat. When there’s one mouse in the home, it’s easier to repel than a dozen and so you have to act as soon as you know there’s a problem. If there are mice already living in the home, spread the peppermint throughout so that it drives them away fully and not just to the next room.

Find What Works For Your Home

Peppermint oil can be extremely versatile and effective at getting rid of mice, but, depending on the scale of the problem in your home, the effectiveness might not be as high as you thought it would. For example, if you have one mouse and it hasn’t set up a nest in the home yet, you might be able to repel it so that it doesn’t come back again. However, when there’s an infestation in the home, that’s a different kettle of fish! You’re going to have to use exterminators to help solve the problem because the peppermint alone mightn’t be enough. More lists of smells mice hate, go to www.peppermintoilmiceinfo.com/smells-that-repel-mice

Removing Mice Takes Patience

When you have mice in your home, it’ll take a little time and a lot of patience to get rid of them. Mice don’t like peppermint, but most people seem to think if they use the peppermint oil once or twice it should instantly get rid of the mice and rats. However, it’s not always as simple as that. Sometimes, it takes several weeks to fully get rid of the mice and any traces left behind, so you have to be persistent.

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