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If Peppermint Oil Can Repel Mice, Is It Possible That Peppermint Will Be Toxic To Cats Too?

What do you use when you have a mouse problem in your home? People try all sorts of things to get rid of mice, from elaborate traps to spraying poison all over the home, but, while they are options to consider, they aren’t always the best. Every home is different and requires a different tactic to remove mice and it seems as though the latest craze is peppermint oil. It’s something which thousands of homeowners use to solve their mouse problem since it’s potent and tends to keep mice away. However, if mice can be repelled by peppermint oil, what does it mean for household pets such as cats? Will peppermint be toxic for cats?

Extremely Toxic for Cats

While dogs aren’t overly impacted by the use of peppermint oil in and around the home, the same can’t be said about cats. Often, homeowners think that since because dog owners have used peppermint around their pets, it’ll be safe for a cat as well, but that’s not always the case. Why is that, dogs and cats are basically the same right? Well, actually no, dogs and cats have different internal systems and as such, they don’t always have the same tolerance. It’s potentially fatal for cats to ingest or even breathe in peppermint as it impacts their lungs and causes pneumonia to develop. You have to be extremely careful with peppermint oil when there are cats within the home. It is technically toxic for a cat.

cat orange - If Peppermint Oil Can Repel Mice, Is It Possible That Peppermint Will Be Toxic To Cats Too?

Natural Isn’t Always the Best Solution for Cat Owners

Using peppermint oil in a home without pets is one thing, but using it when there’s a cat is another factor entirely. While peppermint has every potential to get rid of mice and keep them deterred from returning, the impact on a cat’s health can be detrimental, to say the least. Opting for the natural route isn’t always best when you own a pet cat, whether he’s an inside or outside pet. It’s potentially harmful for peppermint oil to be used around cats as they can ingest it and get extremely sick. Even using it as a topical treatment for fleas is not sensible because it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. That’s why cats dislike peppermint and it’s something you must think about when you have a mouse problem.

Find Alternatives to Keep Your Cat Safe When Repelling Mice

cat cute - If Peppermint Oil Can Repel Mice, Is It Possible That Peppermint Will Be Toxic To Cats Too?
  • Use Kitty Litter
  • Use Humane Traps
  • Keep All Outdoor Areas Tidy
  • Properly Store Food Away
  • Use Electronic Sonic Devices

Repelling mice is a nightmare when you have pets because you have to be extra careful and sensitive over their needs, not to mention their health and safety. However, while peppermint oil can be a useful repellent of mice, it might not be suitable for homes with cats as pets. Remember, cats are sensitive creatures and they and peppermint don’t always mix, so finding a suitable alternative is a necessity.

Keep the Mice Away and Your Cat Safe

Ideally, peppermint oil can be used when there are no pets in the home (certainly no cats anyway) and it can be one of the simplest ways to deter mice from returning. However, when there are cats, you have to be even more careful because if they ingest it, it’s potentially toxic. That’s why it’s necessary to know alternatives to peppermint oil for cat owners. There are many options to consider and hopefully, you’ll find one that works. You never know, just having a cat might be enough of a deterrent for the mice.

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