Simple Tips How to Use Peppermint Oil to Get Rid Of Mice and Keep Them Away From Your Property

Mice aren’t the most pleasant creatures to have in your property. A mouse can bring diseases to the home and attract other rodents which make a minor issue a major headache. Unfortunately, your property might be the ideal breeding ground for rodents – it’s warm, is inviting and offers warm shelter for them – and that’s a problem you want to avoid. While your home might be clean, it doesn’t stop the mice from being attracted to it. Mice don’t care about the type of people you are or the state of the home, as long as it offers them shelter and a food source. So, how to use peppermint oil to get rid of mice and keep them away for good?

Why Use Peppermint Rather Than Other Repellents?

For starters, peppermint is pungent and that means it’s easy to detect. Secondly, mice are deterred by scents they aren’t keen on and peppermint oil is something they don’t usually like. Now, if you’re going to use a repellent, peppermint might be the ideal solution. However, you need to ensure the extent of the problem hasn’t turned into a full-blown infestation. Does it matter if you have a few mice and an infestation? Yes, it does, because if the mice have grown accustomed to the home and dozens are running around, peppermint oil mightn’t be enough to get rid of them. One or two mice aren’t a major issue, but a nest or infestation is another problem entirely!

What to Do To Get Rid Of Mice?

Want to know, how to use peppermint oil to get rid of mice? Well, firstly, you want to create a peppermint and water solution as it’ll be easier to spray around. A lot of people find spraying the oil and water makes it easier to cover more ground than that of cotton balls or other options. Also, it might be easier to reach or cover areas that cotton balls soaked in the peppermint oil and water can’t be placed. Once the solution has been made you can put it into a spray bottle and spray the area’s most affected by the mice. Make sure you cover the following areas well:

  • Basements
  • Attic Spaces
  • Window Frames
  • Crawlspaces
  • Doorframes And Entranceways

Also, don’t be afraid to spray onto wood and metal surfaces as the solution should take to them well.

Don’t Skimp On the Peppermint

Personally, there’s no harm in using several drops of peppermint oil and mixing it with a water solution. However, as said above, you need to target the areas the mice have been visiting or are more likely to be in. For example, behind your stove or cooker, mice are using a space behind it as a passageway around the kitchen, and if you cut that route off (via the peppermint oil spray) they’re forced to find another route. However, if you cut all routes off, the mice are more likely to move on.

Peppermint Oil Repellents Are Essential

Want to know how to use peppermint oil to get rid of mice? It’s simple – use water and oil spray solution – and peppermint oil can be an effective remedy for the problem. Remember, mice are tricky creatures to work with and while you mightn’t worry too much about it, you don’t want a mouse taking over your home. One mouse can bring another and soon enough you’ll have an infestation – do you want to risk that? No, you don’t, so you must use a suitable repellent. More information at