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How to Make Homemade Mouse Repellent

When a mouse invades your home it can often come at a high price. The trouble is that they chew and gnaw through cables, wires, and all sorts, and it can cause a fair amount of damage. However, they also leave their droppings everywhere and it’s not nice to come home to. Dealing with a mouse problem is a necessity, but of course, not everyone wants to kill the rodent. Finding a suitable alternative can be crucial and it’s not as difficult as you might think either. So, how to make homemade mouse repellent?

Crafting a Peppermint Oil and Alcohol Spray

Peppermint oil does offer a lovely fresh scent but mice aren’t always so keen on it. Creating the mixture is easy and is also a cost-effective solution for homeowners as well.

  1. Get an empty spray bottle and place one cup of rubbing alcohol into the bottle.
  2. Place one-quart cup of water into the bottle.
  3. Add three tablespoons of peppermint oil.
  4. Place the top on the bottle and shake well.

Once the solution is made you can spray around the home. However, you may want to concentrate the spray in areas in which mice have been known to frequent or where droppings have been left. Also, you may need to spray the solution once every few weeks as the scent can fade.

An Ammonia Spray Solution

Have you smelled ammonia? It has a scent that could be confused as predator urine and for mice, that’s a red flag! Mice will be put off the idea of entering a home with predators because it means they are at risk of being attacked. If you want to make homemade mouse repellent, an ammonia solution could do the trick. You need to mix one cup of vinegar with one cup of ammonia. Again, shake the mixture and spray on all affected areas. This may help to prevent rodents from returning.

Mothball Sprays

Mothballs have a pungent odor. The scent from mothballs can put mice off from entering the home and it could be worth trying a mothball spray. You’ll need to crush a few mothballs and place them carefully into a spray bottle. A cup of water should be added to the bottle to dissolve them and several tablespoons of detergent should be included. Again, it can be sprayed in the most affected areas so that the mice will be repelled.

Keep Your Home Mouse-Free

A homemade mouse repellent can be as simple as peppermint oil or an ammonia solution, but it can be effective and long-lasting. You could create a concoction of your own using essential oils or mothballs and mask the odor of the mouse. Homemade can also be a cost-effective solution so that if you don’t want to spend big, there’s no need to. However, you may need to try and test a few repellents out to find the one which suits the home best. For instance, mothballs might be more suitable repelling mice rather than get rid of a current infestation. Find the repellent which works best.

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