Eve Hansen USDA Certified Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

Rodents are a horrible. You can dislike them and it doesn’t help when you see them suddenly running across your floor. It’s unsettling because while they may not actively seek you out, you don’t always like the idea of sleeping in bed knowing they could jump out at you at any given time. Dealing with mice is essential and it might be time to fight them at their own game. Have you thought about using peppermint oil? Have you heard of Eve Hansen peppermint certified organic essential oil? No? Then maybe it’s time you found out more because it could keep the mice away.

evehensen - Eve Hansen USDA Certified Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

Use a Peppermint Oil Spray Solution

What you have to remember about mice is that they can live in the oddest of places and most of the times you can’t physically get them. The trouble is targeting those areas to prevent the mice living there and you might want to try using organic peppermint oil in a spray solution. Why is that? Well, it’s going to be able to reach the places you can’t. For example, you can’t get all the way into the crawl space and ensure the mice are gone, along with any trace of them; but, you can spray with the solution and hopefully prevent any more from returning. You’re spraying to remove the mice from these areas, but also remove their scent and that may help stop others from returning.

Why Use Eve Hansen Peppermint Certified Organic Essential Oil?

  1. Certified Organic
  2. Undiluted
  3. High Quality

The great thing about the organic peppermint oil is that it can be used with a variety of other essential oils. You can create a peppermint/eucalyptus combination with a hint of lemon and lavender. The combination can be used as a repellent around the home so that the mice and other rodents are kept away. You can use as much or as little as you like, just be careful of pets, and hopefully it’ll keep the mice away. Remember, peppermint oil can be strong and it’s not the best friend of a mouse!

Getting Rid Of Mice

Eve Hansen peppermint certified organic essential oil can be an effective tool to remove mice from the home if used correctly. As said above, creating a peppermint spray solution can be a simple way to spray around the home, even the exterior, and keep the mice away. However, you could also look at creating a peppermint solution and soaking cotton balls into it and place them around the home – the choice is yours – but ensure you replace or spray every so often as the scent fades away in time.

Be a Smart Predator

Mice will hide from you, but you have to play the waiting game. You have to be smart and find all their hidey places so that they don’t just move their next to another part of the home. Of course, you don’t have to kill the mice as the organic oil is just a repellent. However, you have to ensure the home is safe for you and your family.