Essential Oils To Keep Mice Away – What More Can You Do To Protect Your Property?

Rodents are the number one unwelcomed guest any property can have. Mice and rats are becoming a major concern and the problem is that homes are far too welcoming. It’s not that you want the rats or mice to come to your home, but you have a nice, warm home that appeals to them. Remember, rodents are simple creatures, they want food and shelter and a house is the ideal property for them to visit. However, when you have a mouse problem, you may want to look at essential oils to keep mice away. So, what oils could you try and how can you protect your property?

essential oils for mice - Essential Oils To Keep Mice Away – What More Can You Do To Protect Your Property?

Essential Oils to Try

Essential oils are 100% natural and that can be a smart solution to those who have mice running around their home. However, what you might not be aware of is that essential oils often have strong odors attached to them and for the most part, the odors irritate or annoy the mouse. That will help to keep them away as the mice try to avoid the scents they don’t like. Of course, many essential oils offer a sweet scent for humans, but for mice, it’s not always that pleasant! Essential oils are an option to consider.

How to Tell If You Have a Mouse?

Nine times out of ten, you’ll notice droppings. Now, sometimes the droppings do unnoticed and that may be down to the fact that you don’t frequent certain areas of the home for weeks at a time. For example, basements aren’t places you venture into very often and that means you can miss the droppings for several weeks at a time. However, you should try to inspect the home several times a month so that if there are any signs of mice you can spot them quickly. You could use essential oils to keep mice away even if you haven’t had a recent problem and hopefully, there aren’t any future problems.

Be a Clean Enthusiast

Ideally, you need to keep your home clean and tidy. However, what you have to understand is that while you clean the home on a regular basis, you don’t always take care of the maintenance side of things. There’s more ways to keep clean than just dusting and vacuuming; you also have to maintain the property well. Also, you need to ensure the interior and exteriors are both kept tidy and clear. For instance, if there is a lot of old furniture you’re getting rid of, try not to leave them cluttered in the back garden for too long as it can attract mice.

Say No to Mice

More people are having trouble with mice and it’s probably down to the increasing population of rodents. Mice and rats multiply very quickly and that means more are looking for homes to venture into. However, you could use essential oils to keep mice away. Of course, it would be nice to say rodents aren’t a problem you have to worry about, but, you might not be as lucky. If you spot a problem, get it sorted quickly.