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Do Mice Like Peppermint? What Can You Do To Keep Mice Away From Your Property?

Having an infestation of mice in your home can leave you feeling unclean! You probably have a lovely, clean home and the fault mightn’t be down to you personally. Unfortunately, mice are attracted to warm homes and properties, so it’s not necessarily something you’re doing wrong that is causing them to stay. It might be time to look into an effective deterrent and peppermint might be an interest to you too. So, do mice like peppermint and what can you do to keep them away?

peppermint oil mice like - Do Mice Like Peppermint? What Can You Do To Keep Mice Away From Your Property?

What Smells Does A Mouse Hate?

  1. Peppermint And Peppermint Oil
  2. Pepper
  3. Cloves
  4. Cayenne Pepper

There are some scents and smells which rats and mice hate and will avoid at all costs. Cayenne pepper is particularly strong and a mouse will typically avoid the smell. However, peppermint oil is also extremely pungent and mice don’t like it, and if it’s used correctly, a mouse will be more likely to avoid a home with that smell. Of course, mice and rats live in sewers and put up with a lot of bad smells, but, it’s sometimes different above ground. There aren’t as many smells to confuse them and some will do anything to avoid awful pungent scents they don’t appreciate.

How to Keep Mice and Rats Away From the Property

Everyone says go for the simplest rat catcher methods or traps, but, that’s only half the battle, whether you opt for a humane trap or otherwise. The whole point is to keep the mice away from the home and that’s where the real battle begins. It’s not always easy because sometimes the methods you’re most familiar with aren’t guaranteed to work. A lot of people don’t want to kill the mice either; they’d just rather not have them around and it means you have to find a way to keep the home off-limits. So, do mice like peppermint? No, and that might be the key to keeping a mouse away.

1. Remove Open Food Sources To Discourage The Mice

Let’s say you have pets, you probably have food bowls and dishes lying out all day, but having food out all day can draw in a mouse. Remember, dog and cat foods are food sources because mice will usually eat anything or at least try anything once. There’s a strong odor given off by the food which causes the mice to investigate and have a nibble! However, by removing the open food source, you can discourage the mouse. You should keep all food sealed in an airtight container and only leave food out when the animal is due to be fed.

2. Spray Peppermint Oil Around The Entranceways

Do mice like peppermint? Of course they don’t! That’s something everyone asks, but the truth is rats and mice find peppermint irritable to them. It means the peppermint might keep the pests away from the home long enough to keep it mouse-free! You could spray the oil at all entranceways so that the mice don’t enter. However, if you don’t like the idea of spraying peppermint oil about, you could soak cotton balls, place them in sachets and scatter around the home to again deter them.

3. Cat Litter In Doorways

If you have a cat, you could always place their litter trays near the door. Why? It’s strong and there would be the scent of cat urine. To a mouse that’s a big no-no! Remember, mice don’t like cats because cats chase them, and most mice will want to avoid that. So, when a mouse smells the cat urine, it will turn and get away from there as fast as possible. If you have a cat, it might be worth trying this along with the peppermint oil.

Protect Your Home

A house doesn’t feel like a home when there’s an infestation of mice, and your castle quickly turns into a dungeon! Taking steps to prevent an infestation is just as crucial as getting rid of the problem, so you need to find solutions to keep your home pest-free. Peppermint oil might be useful to try, and you can use it with other deterrents such as placing cat litter trays near doorways, using cayenne pepper and even ultrasonic deterrents.

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