About Us

Infestation of mice in our home are the most unpleasant things that could happen. We invest so much to buy the house of our dreams. Our home is like our habitat. It is supposed to be a place on earth where we find sanctuary, safety and comfort. But what if, all of the sudden, mice also dwells in a place we are supposed to find harmony. It is surely not good.

There are many options how to eradicate mice in our premises. In this website, we prefer to teach the viewers how to keep mice away in a humane way. In a way, you do not need poison the mice and suffer the smell of its decay. Using poison for mice is not good. You will kill the mice, you will smell its decay and you do not know where in your house it is rotting. It takes hard times for you to find the dead and rotting rat.

Here, we recommend using peppermint oil mice as repellent. You do not need to kill the mice. You are just going to keep them away. Mice don’t like the smell of peppermint. It won’t kill them but it will irritates them from the moment they smell the peppermint oil. They surely move away then.

So much information about peppermint oil for mice you will find in this site. HAPPY BROWSING!